Service Error 5100 Canon

Service Error 5100 Canon

Service Error 5100 Canon

 Service Error 5100 Canon 

We have a fresh out from the box new Canon PIXMA and i've got downloaded almost all of the product as it i want to know to from the bearings that escorted the pc.... whatever the case when i got to print something i get yourself a slip message that appears and says government mistake 5100. can anybody help me with this particular?

Blunder Code Account

5000 = House position blunder

5100 = Carriage control blunder

5200 = Go temperature sensor error

5400 = Printer's temperature sensor error

5600 = Absolutely no cartridge blunder

5c00 = Getting rid of operation blunder

5200 = Code reader cartridge blunder

Like a specialist, I have sorted out huge amounts connected with printers. This specific lapse had baffled me long, however I finally discovered the purpose. As others had brought up in the recent past, it can have alot about some deterrent from the print way, your riggings, or ink about the reasonable plastic encoder strip. You're generally correct - I ran across the cleanse major (the white sliding instrument how the print head park system to when it's not being used) hasn't been greased up good from production line. In the event that you grease up your sliders with many white oil (don't get it on the very little wipers or your dark tops) the machine can now slide even more openly, and the model can stop the pinnacle appropriately without providing for you the feared go homing mistake 5100 (or E-2-2 about the LCD presentation) Keep to be a top priority this repair will presumably oblige you to definitely uproot the right board off of the printer to obtain access to the cleanse component. There are a couple of screws behind your printer, and two in the front for each one particular corrosponding side aboard (the front screws are behind your light black front board with the printer - open the most notable spread to view the cuts which offer the title page on) Expect this bails most of you out. 

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