Brother Printer Service Call Error

Brother Printer Service Call Error

Brother Printer Service Call Error

Brother Printer Service Call Error


Discouraging the Go and also (Set) catches while doing so while turning about the force.

Keep on frustrating the Go and also (Set)  catches till the LED presentation exhibits (Go Test Mode) Release the Go and also Set catches.

Discourage just the actual Go catch again plus the printer will get started typically.

Arrangement: you'll find solidified ink and clean with a wire association of which touches the lighting black roller on the fuser.

Expel the electrical string from the again of photo-copier.

Uproot lowest part tray.

Uproot the far more diminutive tray of which returns out the that includes a LTR/A4 lever.

Open front of machine to get toner and drum. Depart open.

Take away from top cover (4 screws and two cord jacks to unplug).

Uproot prop on back correct side close most competitive part.

Evacuate screw on back left close bottom (it keeps an item in the down plus the side spread).

Marginally haul out of which back, left plastic item and wiggle things around to discover the left side include off. That back remaining piece that didn't end up the distance has a plastic tit possessing it in To give the capacity to mass media that tit's the side propagate is evacuated Press tit and haul the rear left piece out there while wiggling things around to discover the 3 plastic pieces inside the over to all end up. This uncovered the actual fuser.

Reomove the 2 wire jack relationships.

Uproot the a couple of sinks holding fuser  Some of those screws is huge with a spring.

Find the two dark wire about the fuser  prompting the issue piece  Uproot the actual single sink possessing it.

Haul this out and clear the wire relationships.

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