Canon Printer Service Error B200 MG5220

Canon Printer Service Error B200 MG5220

Canon Printer Service Error B200 MG5220

Canon Printer Service Error B200 MG5220- I have a Canon Pixma Mg5220 color printer [actually its what Canon calls an "in with no reservations one printer" -Dt] and the greater part of a sudden its popping the lapse code B200, demonstrating the message "Printer mistake has ocurred. Unplug the force rope and contact the administration focus on the small screen, Windows 7 has no clue there's anything wrong when I attempt to print. It simply doesn't work. What does "B200″ mean and how would I alter it?

That is the same printer my Dad has, by happenstance. It's extremely pleasant, really, presenting color printing, photograph printing, replicating capacities and then some. Yet there's something about printers, color or overall, that makes them regularly the most dangerous of all machine peripherals. On the off chance that its not a cartridge that is running out or a particular shade running low, its something with the drum or the paper nourish.

Canon Printer Service Error B200 MG5220

So while the MG-5220 is a decent in with no reservations one printer, its not a complete astonishment to me that there's an issue, and that the mistake message indicated is fairly equivocal.

Likewise with pretty much every fittings or programming mistake, in any case, the first line of guard is an online pursuit. Before we do that, nonetheless, my standard methodology with all printer issues, particularly in the event that its identified with Microsoft Windows, as in this circumstance, is to begin by redesigning the printer driver to check whether that fixes the issue.

This is what the printer looks like, in the event that you're not certain yours is the same:

standard pixma-mg5220-shade printer

So how would you hunt down a printer driver redesign? Actually, one way would be to go to the producer's Web website — for this situation that'd be — however I'm a huge Google fan, so just begin writing in your inquiry and autocomplete will complete the occupation:

fix-standard mg5220-b200-1

That looks great. Click on "standard pixma mg5220 driver for windows 7″ and the top match is precisely what we look for:

fix-standard mg5220-b200-2

Simple enough! Click on it and you'll be on the Canon website, prepared to hunt down the printer driver download.

It would appear to be the connection ought to take you straightforwardly to the connection, yet Canon doesn't exactly work that path, as should be obvious:

fix-group mg5220-b200-3

The connection you need is, cunningly enough, marked "Drivers & Software".

Click on it and you'll have an opportunity to distinguish your working framework:

fix-group mg5220-b200-4

Just about there. Select "Windows", then form "Windows 7″ and you'll at last have the required connection:

fix-group mg5220-b200-5

Download. Introduce. Restart.


If not, there's something else you can do to attempt and fix the baffling "B200″ issue: Google the slip code or, if that comes up short, the blunder message itself. Include a "" to the search query and you may very well end up realizing this helpful snipet of data from the Canon client discussions:

fix-ordinance mg5220-b200-6

With the goal that's the scoop, straight from Canon's item master. Furthermore if that doesn't work, well, your next step is to ring Canon on the telephone and trust they can help you settle the issue without it needing to go into adm....

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