Error Codes Printer HP LaserJet 4000

HP Laserjet 4000, 4050, and 4100 Series Printers - 41.5 Error Message 

HP Laserjet 4000, 4050, and 4100 Series Printers - 41.5 Error Message

Error Codes Printer  HP LaserJet 4000- The 41.5 slip alludes to a media sustain lapse. To amend this mistake, allude to the accompanying guidelines:

Investigate and clean the paper way with a water-hosed, build up free material to dispose of hindrances and paper dust.

Print and audit the occasion log. The occasion log holds the last 30 lapse messages. Utilize the occasion log to diagnose and troubleshoot irregular disappointments.

Slip log comes about: 41.5 mistakes point to media that has arrived at the Ps102 or Ps103 sensor too soon. 

NOTE: The printer ought to show Ready on the Control Panel with a specific end goal to print. In the event that not able to print an occasion log, design page or menu map from a lower tray(s), endeavor to print with Tray 1 set to First .

Print and audit the setup page.

NOTE: A setup page can be utilized to view printer settings and figure out what choices are introduced on the printer. On the off chance that a HP Jetdirect printer server EIO card is introduced, a HP Jetdirect setup page will print out also.

Error Codes Printer  HP LaserJet 4000

Print and audit the menu map, which records paper tray setup settings and sizes.

Print a paper way test from all trays to reproduce and confine the issue. A paper way test joined with the consequences of the occasion log and arrangement page will help separate issue territories. To perform a paper way test, allude to the accompanying directions:

Press MENU until INFORMATION MENU shows up in the printer show.

Press ITEM until PRINT PAPER PATH TEST shows up in the printer show.

Press SELECT. 

Press [+] to cycle choices until the wanted paper trays show up.


Press [+] until the wanted yield canister seems (open the Rear Output Bin to print to it).

Press SELECT. 

Press [+] until the wanted duplex mode (on or off) shows up.

Press SELECT. 

Press [+] to cycle choices until the wanted number of duplicates show up.

Press SELECT to perform the paper way test.

Recognize the area of the issue inside the paper way. To do this, recognize where the main edge of the page(s) halted. Examine the paper way and all paper way mechanical congregations up to the area where the main edge of each one page ceased.

NOTE: Paper movement from lower trays and roller turn may be seen from the once more of the printer. Observe where sheets show sporadic media development.

Relate to which tray(s) the 41.5 slip happens.

Examine the paper way and all paper way mechanical get-togethers in the area where the issue can be disengaged.

Wipe out paper and tray alteration issues. Paper with holes, unpleasant edges, or preprinted can result in paper jams, misfeeds, and multi-nourishes can result in issues, as can paper with erroneous fiber content, thickness, weight, grain, smoothness (Sheffield) and dampness content.

NOTE: Do not fan paper. To independent a ream, bow it into a U shape.

Review trays for fitting paper stacking. Make certain the paper is stacked approximately under the paper manual for guarantee that over filling is not the issue.

Review the tray guide acclimations to guarantee they are situated effectively. Tray aides ought to be balanced cozily to the right paper size. The paper size scores ought to be adjusted. To check that the majority of the tray aides are adjusted to the craved size setting and are not harmed, allude to the accompanying guidelines.

Press the MENU key until Paper Handling Menu shows up on the Control Panel.

Press the ITEM key until Tray 1 size = shows up .

Press the SELECT key to roll out this improvement the new printer default.

Press the VALUE key to change the size that the tray measures up to on the off chance that it doesn't match the craved setting.

Figure out whether the paper is multi-nourishing. Test with paper from another, unopened bundle.

Switch paper trays (from this printer or from a comparable model) to figure out whether jams are tray related.

In the event that the tray controls, and/or paper size dial are non-utilitarian, supplant the paper tray.

Check sensors Ps102 and Ps103 to check whether they signal the right blunder messages and come back to READY.

Excursion, tape, or supplement paper to captivate the sensor banner, then open and close the printer top spread. At the point when enacted, sensor Ps102 ought to demonstrate a 13.1 lapse and Ps103 ought to show a 132 blunder On the off chance that the sensors don't demonstrate the right lapse messages, contact HP for further aid.

Contact HP if tripping the sensors does not bring about the right slip messages or if the printer does not come back to READY.

Examine the food rollers. On the off chance that no inconvenience is found with the food/partition rollers, uproot and supplant the tray that is placed where the issue happens.

To review the food rollers, perform the accompanying directions:

Turn the printer off.

Unplug the force link.

Evacuate the paper tray(s) from the printer.

Review the food roller (found in the printer) and check in the event that it is accurately situated or harmed. On the off chance that harmed, supplant it. To uproot the food roller, squeeze the discharge at the left half of the roller and slide it off the pole. See Figure 1.

Figure 1: Removing the food roller

Assess the partition rollers. To assess the detachment rollers, perform the accompanying directions:

NOTE: Blank pages will likewise print out with a 41.5 blunder. Reseating the partition roller grasp and food detachment roller ought to alter this issue.

Discharge the lock and lift the spread inside the tray.

Squeeze the discharge tab at the left half of the roller and slide it off the pole.

Supplant the detachment roller and check that it is situated effectively and secured.

Print a test page to check whether the roller substitution determined the media nourish slip. In the event that no.

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