Error Printing Epson LQ-2180

EPSON LQ -- 2180 ESC/P2: printing setting issue from SAP b1 8. 8 PL

Error Printing Epson LQ-2180
Error Printing Epson LQ-2180 Review- Epson Dot Matrix  IQ-2180 and Epson IQ-2080 24 pin printers offer you the features you expect on Epson printers-and even a little more. Fast, flexible and very reliable, the IQ-2180 is an ideal printing solution for a wide range of printing applications.

The IQ-2180, which can print in high draft mode up to 480cps speed, provides a lightweight operation of data processing tasks. It provides maximum flexibility combined with the ability to process up to 6 pieces with the selection of top, bottom and rear paper paths.

Three tractor positions as standard-no waste/zero tear-off forms of paper processing-top, bottom, front and rear paper paths-8 built-in Bar code fonts-supports 38 NSLP character tables (NLSP version)-bi-directional interface Epson Type B interface slot Provides easy integration with a wide range of connectivity options.

Error Printing Epson LQ-2180

We have checked some after conditions:

= If printer was in "Representation" design after that test print is actually OK..

= If Crystal Report was in "Representation" design after that test print is actually Ok..... straightforwardly printing from Crystal Statement

= At whatever point I take print from SAP B1 regarding same Crystal Statement with same environment yet print comes in vertical configuration.

I'm connecting Print Build screen print using this type of mail, pls benevolent obtain the connection.

Pls give me plausible Solution in the earliest opportunity.

Thanking you in the commitment.

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