HP LaserJet Error Codes 20 - 49

HP LaserJet Error Codes 20 - 49

HP LaserJet Error Codes 20 - 49

HP LaserJet Error Codes 20 - 49- The following are generally slip codes for that HP Laserjet design, for codes working from 20-49. It becomes ideal if you note the clarifications are generally general depictions for all those Laserjets, regularly more place by point data will be accessible in the event you hunt down a unique blunder code using a particular model (e. grams. "50. 9 blunder Laserjet 3000") Have an inquiry? Call us 608-831-2396 for additional data.

HP LaserJet Error Codes 20 - 49

20 INSUFFICIENT RECOLLECTION the printer got more information than can easily fit in accessible memory. You might be attempting to produce an archive that's excessively perplexing for that printer's ability (an more than macros, delicate word styles, or design). Depressing GO may produce the exchanged data, however information could possibly be missing or skewed. In case the record size from the print occupation surpasses printer's installed storage limit, have a spin at including additional memory. In some cases befuddled programming drivers over-swell the extent of an record and explanation these slips; you might want to download/introduce an change driver. As a final resort, disentangle the produce employment and produce reasonable sections immediately.

21 PAGE TOO COMPLEX the information (thick content, tenets, raster or vector design) provided for the printer will be excessively unpredictable pushing GO may produce the exchanged data; yet some information could possibly be missing or skewed. Much more memory may deliver assistance. You can likewise attempt another driver, or improve the print work by simply separating it directly into sensible sections.

0 EIO a4 BAD TRANSMISSION the association continues to be broken between the printer along with the EIO card in the determined opening. (Information misfortune you can do in this situation. ) 1. Press Check out clear the slide message and maintain printing. 2. Reseat the EIO cards in space pertaining to [x]. 3. Look at cabling. 4. Supplant the device card if needed. 5. Attempt another programming driver.

41. 3 UNEXPECTED REPORT SIZE the printer distinguished a advertising size unique in relation to what it was anticipating. This is regularly created if a couple of sheets stick together in the printer or should the tray is not necessarily legitimately balanced.

1. Reload the tray with the right print advertising size. 
2. Guarantee that media in the tray is stacked underneath the front and again holding tabs. 3. In case you are producing from tray 1, check that the right paper size is chosen in the control board. several. On the off chance that you're printing from rack 2, 3, or maybe 4, check in which any paper-size conformities (length guidebook, width aide, size-selector switch) within the paper tray are already made accurately. Verify the media is underneath the corner tabs. 5. Inside the wake of performing the actions above, press PROCEED. The page comprising the blunder will naturally be produced if jam recuperation is empowered. (Then once again, you may should press CANCEL TASK to clear the employment from the printer's memory. )

For that 4000, 4050, and 4100 design the paper encourage gathering could be terrible. Additionally the paper sustain/enlistment sensors could possibly be thumped out associated with spot. On EX engine printers this lapse is established by an dreadful PIU (paper data unit).

41. 5 PRINTER ERROR the media found the Ps102 or maybe Ps103 sensor too soon.

1. This slide typically happens having smooth media, one example is, transparencies or grades. In the event the issue continues whenever using tray 1, heap media one sheet immediately. On the off chance the issue perseveres whenever using trays 3 as well as 4, supplant the food and partition rollers. a couple of. Check sensors Ps102 as well as Ps103 for respectable operation.

For the particular 4000, 4050, and 4100 design the paper nourish gathering could possibly be awful. Likewise the paper encourage/enlistment sensors could possibly be thumped out associated with spot. On EX engine printers this blunder is established by an dreadful PIU (paper data unit).

41. x PRINTER ERROR a quick printing blunder possesses happened. The site containing the lapse will naturally be republished. In case the mistake supports on: 1. Reseat the associations with the laser scanner and and then to the engine controller board. a couple of. Supplant the lazer scanner. 3. Supplant the particular motor controller board

49. xx PRINTER ERROR a firmware lapse occured. Press CANCEL TASK to clear the particular print work from the printer memory. a couple of. Turn the printer off, and afterward turn the printer on. You can try republishing the employment to check on whether it was an impermanent lapse. About the off chance in which blunder holds with, have a move at printing an occupation from another programming application. In case the substitute work prints, do a reversal for the first application and create a stab at printing another document. 

(If the message turns up with a specific product application or maybe certainprint occupation, try redesigning the printer driver and/ or maybe firmware. ) several. In the event the message continues having diverse programming programs and print occupations, disengage all links for the printer that join it for the system or printer. Turn the printer off and eliminate the print range. At that place reboot printer IN ADDITION TO machine, reconnect inbound links, and take some sort of stab at printing yet again. 6. Expel all EIO gadgets from the printer (Jetdirect credit cards, hard drives, etc. ). 

On the off of chance that 49 slip goes away completely, turn printer off of, re-introduce EIO gadgets each one in turn, and reboot printer each one time to figure out which EIO gizmo is fizzling. 7. About the off chance in which printing still fizzles having all EIO gadgets evacuated, uproot all storage Dimms or outsider Dimms from the printer. (Don't evacuate the particular firmware DIMM- -- printer won't perform without this presented. ) Turn the particular printer on having DIMMS missing. About the off chance the mistake no additional exists, introduce every DIMM each one in turn, switch printer on, examination printer. Supplant a DIMM in the event you discover it causes the lapse. 8. Keep in mind to reconnect just about all links that bring together the printer for the system or unit. 9. On the off chance the lapse continues, supplant the particular firmware DIMM. 10. About the off chance in which lapse endures, supplant the particular formatter.

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