Canon Printer Error U052

Lapse U052 about Canon printers

Canon Printer Error U052

Canon Printer Error U052- Information lapse: The type of print head is actually inaccurate introduce the suitable print head U052

Canon Printer Error U052

Layout 1:

Evacuate in addition to supplant the cartridges.

Layout 2:

Embed fresh cartridges

Arrangement 3:

Reseat the print head to amend print troubles or clear blunder.

Arrangement 3a (on accounts of Tony Lebaigue):

Evacuate the ink cartridges.

Evacuate the printhead: cleaned the spine contacts with some sort of cotton bud in addition to surgical soul.

Quit the section 5 min's to dry.

Introduce the printhead plus the cartridges.

The printer wil always be into printhead thoroughly clean mode and will revisit typical mode.

Layout 4:

Clean the printhead

Arrangement 4a:

The print scalp is broken plus it must be changed by just one more.

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