Epson Expression Home XP-410 Driver Download

Epson Expression Home XP-410 Driver Download

Epson Expression Home XP-410 Driver Download

Epson Expression Home XP-410 ReviewsThe cartridges are available in two sizes for XP-410. The ability of a standard cartridge produces 175 pages for black and 165 pages for each color cartridge. Capacity with high yield black ink cartridge is also available a wide range of around 500 pages and back color to any color of about 450 pages, which is rather small tank size XL.

When everything is buttoned, the XP-410 is a sleek black box, with a 2.5-inch color LCD on the front panel is only dimly visible. When powered, it turns on the 2.5-inch color LCD screen on, unlike the more expensive units, and this is not a touch screen. In addition, a set of direction arrows (up, down, left, right) shows, the "OK" button in the middle. It can also be used to display preview images if you want to print directly from the SD card, and memory card slot is available. And XP-410 does not have a front USB port. Your basic image editing on the implementation of the photos without a PC using the display and control arrows.

The front panel tilted and adjusted, but Epson warns you to reduce the grip in the rear of the bottom of the panel when the unit is moved. It is possible to damage the tilt mechanism if the grip is not working.

The XP-410, power cord, setup poster, user manual, and four ink cartridges. Also included is a DVD that contains the printer driver for the PC or Mac, and the scanner driver. This particular model does not come with a load of extra facilities, and is capable of printing on a CD or DVD, and thus, has no additional packages, which include several models of Epson. No special paper which included the alignment of the head, as we have with other models in the series and a small one, although this did not prove to be a hindrance when carrying out the alignment process.

Unloading and XP-410 preparation is routine. poster Quick Start takes you through the simple setup to run the unit and install the ink tank. And XP-410 can connect using Wi-Fi or a USB cable. Although there is no wired Ethernet capabilities and Wi-Fi Internet connection to provide access to the contact Epson allows you to print from a remote location or through a device connected to a computer such as a smartphone or tablet. You can also use Epson Scan software for the cloud to scan and store documents and images for online storage like Dropbox account.

Wi-Fi Direct XP-410 also supports. It allows you to connect the unit to a PC or laptop directly without going through the network. Using Wi-Fi Direct, however, printer / scanner is off of the Internet, and the loss of other connectivity options, and the ability to scan to the cloud.

Installing the driver using a USB cable only takes a few minutes. Before the printer can be used for the first time, you must wait for the printer to ink head, which takes about four minutes. Unlike the models of higher-end expressions we've tested, Epson does not require you to print head alignment before printing at the beginning, even though it is a good idea and added only one minute to the preparation process.

It may be small XP-410, but it was not his performance through our experiences. Epson XP-410 quickly classify the presence of 4.5 pages per minute (PPM). Print five settings: Project Run, text, text and images, drawings, and Best Picture. The default is text and pictures, and in this setting, we got 7PPM. In preparation, spinning and XP-410 of 13ppm. Although the print and image quality suffers significantly in draft mode, it is enough for a good printing has no intention to let other people see.

Epson Expression Home XP-410 Driver Download

Support for Operating System:
  • Mac Os X
  • Linux
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows XP
Instruction to Instal Driver Printer
  1. Download Driver Printer to be installed
  2. Double-click the driver file has been downloaded
  3. Display the first desktop screen is the area Selection " Select Your Place Residence " . Eg Select Asian and click Next . Then will appear the selection method of installation .
  4. Click " Easy Install " especially for beginners . Because without further adjustment .
  5. On the confirmation page . Click " Install "
  6. Will Perform installation of three stages , namely : a permission statement , installation and setup . Click " Yes / Next" and wait until the installation process runs to completion .
  7. Connect the USB printer to the computer and turn on the printer , the printer is ready for use .
  8. Finish

Epson Expression Home XP-410 Driver Download for Linux

Operating System

Epson Expression Home XP-410 Driver Download for Mac Os X

Operating System
Mac Os X 10.6 Mac Os X 10.7
Mac Os X 10.8 Mac Os X 10.9 Mac Os X 10.10

Epson Expression Home XP-410 Driver Download for Windows

Operating System
Windows XP or Later
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Windows 8, Windows 8.1

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